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Bathtub and Tile Refinishing


Bathtubs get a lot of use and abuse over the years. They can develop scratches, cracks, and stains that will lessen their appeal and mar the overall appearance of your bathroom.  In addition, the bathtub can be damaged during shipping, installation or by accidental falling of a sharp tool on it. Whether your bathtub is made up of porcelain, marble, or fiberglass, it is subject to wear and deterioration. Ceramic tile and wall coverings surround the bathtub are subjected to the same abuse. in addition, over the years as the house settles tiles break, stress cracks develop, adhesive weakens, and grout deteriorates.  

The first consideration may be to rip out the old tub and tile and completely replace it.   However, a better, more affordable option is to have your bathtub  and tile resurfaced.  

Professional refinishing is a popular and cost-effective method of extending the life of your tiles. With refinishing, you eliminate the mess, hassle and costs of a full renovation project. It is easy to restore the look of your tile  with Tub-Tastic's range of solid colors and Stone Fleck Ultra Multi color finishes. Your tiles can be upgraded to suit today’s modern color palette. All tile surfaces, such as showers, floors and back-splashes can be refinished to refresh and rejuvenate your living space.  

Tub-Tastic’s experienced technicians can refinish your bathtubs, showers and ceramic wall tile in as few as 12 hours. In most cases your bathroom can be placed back in service the next day. Our process comes with an industry standard three-year warranty, but the surface likely will last longer than that of a new tub.  

When you contact us at Tub-Tastic, we will explain our process fully. We will describe what the job will entail and what you can expect when we are done. If you have a new color in mind, we can custom match most any shade to meet your exact specifications  

Tub-Tastic Bathtub Refinishing are committed to your total satisfaction. contact us today @ (248)522-7724 for a free estimate. See how much you can save over replacement costs.



  • Save 80% over the cost of replacement. 
  • Completed in as little a four hours (tub only) 24 hours for tub and tile.
  • Last as long as the original bathtub surface.
  • Wide range of solid colors  and  Stone Fleck  Ultra multi color finishes.
  • Mix solid colors and multi color finishes for a fully customized look. 
  • Available premium antimicrobial  coatings which effectively protects surfaces against harmful bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses by up to 99.99%

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